Pali rare books collection project
This site is intended to make the rare pali books freely available online, primarily to facilitate my research interest, but also to make them available to any pali scholar or researcher, who wants to work with them.

Since pali tipitaka books are available online on many sites, so I am not including them here. Only the pali books that are not available in text format, I will try to find and transcribe them and upload them here.

So far the following books are ready to download now in pdf format:
  1. Canda Suriya Gati Dīpani
    An ancient Buddhist cosmological text written in Pali language. A good book for pali researchers. The devanagari version of this text is the work of prof Dr. Ujjwal Kumar from Calcutta University. It has been uploaded here with his kind permission.
    Download pdf: (roman script) (devanagari script) (বাংলা অক্ষরে)
  2. Pañcagati Dīpani
    Another Buddhist cosmological booklet written in Pali language. It is written in verse. The book is very tiny. Only 10 pages long.
    Download pdf: (roman script)
  3. LokaDīpanī
    An illustrious Buddhist cosmological work in Pali language.
    Download pdf: (roman text) (Manuscript)
Work in progress:
  1. Lokapaññatti
  2. Jinalaṅgkāra ṭikā
  3. Milinda pañha aṭṭhakathā

Disclaimer: I claim no copyright for these works. You can copy, modify and use them commercially for any purpose.
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